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Roommate Story

It’s a hustle and bustle world where everyone is busy rushing from one place to another in the day.  But at the end of the day, it is home, may be small but definitely cozy, where you get to slow your pace and relax your body and mind.  Sometimes you might be alone at home, but you’re not lonely because your dear belongings have composed a sweet home and be your roommates to keep you company.  Your belongings deserve a space to rest like you too.

ROOMMATE knows that you are always having difficulties organizing your closet

or your room space, as your personal belongings seem to keep growing.

ROOMMATE is here to assist you.

With ROOMMATE, you can hang hats and jackets on those trained hooks, snug shoes in the cabinet, lay handbags on a shelf or toss pocket changes in a tray.  It is a storage system that you can easily assemble and fit in your room.  It expresses a neat, also tranquil sense of feeling, featuring simple support framing with a well-designed contour .

ROOMMATE, right here for you.


Be a stylish ROOMMATE
Create your own style

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Be a spontaneous ROOMMATE
Choose your accessories






Hanging Garment Storage Bags


Take care of all the details for you

With thick wire,
it’s solid and stable.

With mortise joints, it’s easy to assemble.

With standardized sizes, build them as you like.


Genuine and stylish material choice

Exquisite powder coating for a smooth touch

Merchandising solution and beyond


【Roommate Code】

“ Living in a small space doesn't stop you from having your dream wardrobe. ”


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